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As a data company which provides competitive intelligence and market activity information to the upstream and midstream oil & gas industry, we asked ourselves whether these offerings are still valid during these extreme downturns.  If everyone is doing far less, are companies still interested in knowing who, what, where & when?  Based on survey results from about 100 companies, large and small, the answer is resoundingly "yes."  (Included below are compilations from a few of the questions we asked.)
Companies are still interested in knowing a little bit of everything but in a geographic "unit", whether that be by legal Section (or the Texas equivalent thereof), County, etc.  Companies love their "Areas of Interest" ("AOI's").  And they want to know what's going on in them, even in times of reduced activity (and maybe because of commensurate reduced manpower in their own companies).
We serve a lot of Oklahoma active customers, so maybe the results were a little weighted towards the SCOOP/STACK, but the winners in the "primary area of interest" category were (unsurprisingly) the Texas shale plays, particularly the Permian, and New Mexico along with Oklahoma.
Along those lines, we recently released a new daily activity intelligence briefing email called " RECON", covering the state of Oklahoma.  Using what we call "unexpected value analysis", we are monitoring every daily data feed in Oklahoma for statistical anomalies, from county courthouse proceedings through OCC spacing & pooling apps/orders through to drilling and asset transfer activity.  RECON makes it easy for subscribers to not miss potentially disruptive events and stay abreast of important Oklahoma market shifts whether by Section, Township or County.


New Mexico SLO Issues Emergency Temporary Oil Well Shut-In Order

Within the last month, the New Mexico State Land Office (SLO) issued a temporary shut-in order for all oil wells producing on state leases, citing the drastically reduced oil prices. These wells include those that are part of communitization agreements.  

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Press Release: Oseberg Releases New Mexico Oil & Gas Market Intelligence Product

OKLAHOMA CITY, November 20, 2019. Oseberg, an Oklahoma City-based leading upstream oil & gas data transformation technology company, announced the release of a ground-breaking new market intelligence product for the New Mexico oil & gas industry.  For the first time, operators now have direct access from within one application to multiple sources of New Mexico public oil & gas information including Federal BLM, State Land Office, Oil Conservation Division (OCD) and county courthouse records (from the 4 key Delaware/Permian Basin counties, Chavez, Eddy, Lea & Roosevelt).

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The New Mexico Three-Party System

By: Cris Byers, Product Manager, oseberg, Oklahoma City, OK

The New Mexico oil and gas regulatory environment is a convoluted place, and the details of land and mineral ownership are no exception. The federal government, through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), manages almost 250 million acres, so chances are you’ll be dealing with the BLM if you are in the oil & gas business in New Mexico. The state gets some action too; the Oil Conservation Division (OCD) gets their share of red tape also. And don’t forget about private ownership! If you’re in the New Mexico market, or plan to be, you’ll need to know how to navigate this 3-party system. Whether you’re new to the state or a seasoned pro, we hope to give you a better understanding of the types of ownership in New Mexico and the unique rules and regulations you may encounter with each.

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Finding (Pugh) Needles in the (Permian) Haystack

Are you looking for Permian Basin “needles in a haystack” acreage to acquire and develop or flip? Or are you trying to defend against such annoying intrusions? Either way you should find this information exciting: at oseberg, we can now find prospective Pughed Out (“surface” Pugh) acreage across the entire TX Permian in seconds on a current, rolling time basis.

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