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Oseberg Announces Houston Forum

Oseberg, a leading SaaS and data intelligence company in the oil and gas industry, has announced a Houston-based forum which will take place on the afternoon of Thursday, October 18th at the Hotel Zaza in downtown Houston.

Oklahoma Weekly Reports

Continental Continues to Outpace Its Peers

Oklahoma Oil & Gas Activity

  • Stephens and McClain counties remain the most actively leased areas in Oklahoma.
  • Camino Natural Resources has filed the largest number of pooling applications this month in Oklahoma.
  • Blue Water Resources acquired more than 60 wells from Onapa Gas Company in the Arkoma Basin.

Oklahoma Weekly Reports

Stone Oak Operating Acquires Wells from Tapstone Energy in Northwest Oklahoma


Oklahoma Oil & Gas Activity

  • Stone Oak Operating acquired more than 100 wells from Tapstone Energy in Northwest Oklahoma (particularly Beaver, Ellis, and Harper county).
  • Continental Resources is the most active operator in terms of spacing activity in Oklahoma. Spacing apps have been filed in Garvin and Grady counties.
  • Alta Mesa has filed the most permits to drill in the last 30 days.
  • Newfield Exploration has filed the largest number of pooling applications in Oklahoma over the last 30 days.

Industry Insights, white paper

Mineral Rights in Texas: Poolings, P-12s and the PSA-12

Understanding mineral rights in Texas is no small feat, even for the most experienced of land professionals. As we all know, Texas does things the way Texas wants, so it is no surprise that Texas Pooling rules and norms do not resemble those in other states, like Oklahoma.


Oseberg Named One of Best Places to Work in Oklahoma!

Oseberg couldn't be more thrilled to be recognized as one of The Best Places to Work in Oklahoma by The Journal Record.

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