Oklahoma Weekly Reports

Early Signs are Positive for Latest Gulfport Fracs in the SCOOP

Texas Weekly Reports

What the Frac is up with WPX Energy in the Delaware Basin?

Texas Weekly Report - 07/10/18

Texas Frac Jobs

  • Check out the level of detail you can quickly get to with oseFracWhat have you heard about WPX Energy in the Delaware Basin recently?

Oklahoma Weekly Reports

Circle 9 Actively Leasing Seminole County

Texas Weekly Reports

Apache Turns Back to the Alpine High in the Second Half of 2018

Texas Weekly Report - 07/03/18


Texas Intents to Drill

  • Oil is back over $70 a barrel, and activity is picking up all throughout Texas. 

Oklahoma Weekly Reports

Echo Energy is on the Rise

Oklahoma Weekly Report - July 2, 2018

Oklahoma Frac Activity

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