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Arkoma Resurgence: Rise of the Small, Independent E&P

In this second of a three-part series, we will examine recent activity in the Arkoma Basin, one of Oklahoma's oldest oil fields. Read about what has fueled this region's development, and what we can expect going forward.

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Mineral Rights in Texas: Poolings, P-12s and the PSA-12

Understanding mineral rights in Texas is no small feat, even for the most experienced of land professionals. As we all know, Texas does things the way Texas wants, so it is no surprise that Texas Pooling rules and norms do not resemble those in other states, like Oklahoma.

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Continental’s Project Springboard and What it Tells us About the Future of the SCOOP

How to Use Oseberg’s Atla to Analyze CLR’s Big Announcement

CLR Continental Oil’s recent announcement of Project Springboard, an oil development project within the SCOOP, should come as no surprise to our Atla users and those following our

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Special Report: M&A Activity in the SCOOP


At Oseberg, we are closely following M&A activity in Oklahoma's top three producing regions: the SCOOP, the STACK, and the ARKOMA. Our most recent report focuses on the SCOOP and what M&A activity tells us about the future of the STACK.

Industry Insights

A Value Based Analysis of STACK Acreage

Recap: How to Identify the Next Hotspots in the STACK  

Last week we showed you how to identify the next hotspots in the STACK by looking at bonus amounts, which tell us how much operators are paying per acre and serve as a pretty good indicator of how valuable they consider any particular tract of land to be.

We created a visualization for you using Spotfire that revealed in which areas of the STACK the operators were offering the highest bonus amounts.

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