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Continental’s Project Springboard and What it Tells us About the Future of the SCOOP

How to Use Oseberg’s Atla to Analyze CLR’s Big Announcement

CLR Continental Oil’s recent announcement of Project Springboard, an oil development project within the SCOOP, should come as no surprise to our Atla users and those following our

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A Value Based Analysis of STACK Acreage

Recap: How to Identify the Next Hotspots in the STACK  

Last week we showed you how to identify the next hotspots in the STACK by looking at bonus amounts, which tell us how much operators are paying per acre and serve as a pretty good indicator of how valuable they consider any particular tract of land to be.

We created a visualization for you using Spotfire that revealed in which areas of the STACK the operators were offering the highest bonus amounts.

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Finding the Next Hotspot in the STACK

What is one of the hottest plays in the country right now? 

One of the hottest plays in the country is right here in Oklahoma: the STACK – Sooner Trend, Anadarko (Basin), Canadian (and) Kingfisher (counties). The STACK is essentially the old Sooner Trend being re-developed horizontally. There is a ton of up-side with stacked pay zones in the Mississippian aged formations.

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Oseberg's 2017 Year in Review


As we march into 2018, let’s start by taking a look back at Oklahoma O&G activity during 2017. At Oseberg, we believe that data and analytics are incredibly valuable and that their impact is multiplied many times over when coupled with the keen eye of someone with experiential knowledge. 

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2017 Transfer Activity in Oklahoma

As part of our end of the year lookback at oil and gas activity in Oklahoma, we’re taking a look at transfer activity over the past 12 months.

2017 Transfer Activity in Oklahoma

This graph shows a general increase in transfer activity as the year progresses (note December only includes data up to 12/14, when this report was compiled).

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