Oklahoma Weekly Reports

Oklahoma Weekly O&G Report - 05/14/18

OK Weekly Report

Note: Don’t be surprised if you see a few changes in our charts below. That’s because we’ve edited our pooling, increased density, spacing, and location exception charts to depict the differences in number of apps and orders filed. While we had previously shown these data sets as a total, we also felt it important to depict separately the number of apps and orders filed.


Oseberg CEO: Energy Sector Needs a Data Revolution

Evan Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Oseberg, speaks during the Oklahoma State University Spears School of Business’ 12th annual Energy Conference at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City Thursday.

Texas Weekly Reports

Texas Weekly O&G Report - 05/08/18

Oklahoma Weekly Reports

Oklahoma Weekly O&G Report - 05/07/2018

OK Weekly Report

Industry Insights

Continental’s Project Springboard and What it Tells us About the Future of the SCOOP

How to Use Oseberg’s Atla to Analyze CLR’s Big Announcement

CLR Continental Oil’s recent announcement of Project Springboard, an oil development project within the SCOOP, should come as no surprise to our Atla users and those following our

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