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Oseberg Announces Houston Forum

Oseberg, a leading SaaS and data intelligence company in the oil and gas industry, has announced a Houston-based forum which will take place on the afternoon of Thursday, October 18th at the Hotel Zaza in downtown Houston.


Our Holiday Gift to our Users: Major Upgrade to Atla

In the spirit of holiday giving, we would like to present our users with a gift: a major Atla upgrade that includes improvements to speed, performance and stability. Most of the changes you'll notice are in the grid, but your overall experience with Atla will be even better!

Highlights of this release include: 

  • The app now can handle much more data. With this new build, you should be able to query and successfully return 2-8 times more data in the app.
  • Filtering and sorting in the grid are drastically improved.
  • The app will load even faster upon re-opening.
  • We've made several user experience enhancements to help users avoid slowing down the application unnecessarily.
  • Grid description enhancements show users the date, time, and AOI of your query.
  • It's now possible to change the text size in the grid by zooming in or out. On Windows, this is accomplished with the Control and the plus ('+') or minus ('-') keys. On Mac, use the Command and plus ('+') or minus ('-') keys. 
  • Export enhancements: shapefile exports are faster, and the user has the option to limit the attribute set to either an essential group of columns or all active columns. Also, we have included better naming of shapefile exports.

Any questions about this? Please contact your CSM. 

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Smarter Forecasting with Oseberg's Pooling Data


Poolings are a treasure trove of valuable data . As the first company to build an Oklahoma pooling dataset that could be mined and mapped, we saw the value of this from day 1. 

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Oseberg Expands its Reach to Texas

Oseberg is expanding its reach in Texas at a steady clip! Check out the latest map for progress on our lease dataset. 19 counties have been added since the last update, bringing the Eagleford and Haynesville both 4 counties away from completion.


Unlock the Power of Data in Oil & Gas

Today’s E&P world is rapidly shifting towards data-driven decision making, but the decisions are only as good as the data behind them. You can’t be competitive without the latest and most accurate information available. Oseberg connects millions of oil and gas records in intuitive yet powerful products that supercharge the way you use Oil and Gas data. Watch this 90 second video to learn more:


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