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Oseberg Launches New Internship Program for Engineers


July 25, 2017 – (Oklahoma City) Oseberg announced Tuesday the start of “OseLaunch”, a new internship program for individuals wanting to start a career in programming or data science, whether they be current students or professionals looking for a change in career.

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Oseberg Expands its Reach to Texas

Oseberg is expanding its reach in Texas at a steady clip! Check out the latest map for progress on our lease dataset. 19 counties have been added since the last update, bringing the Eagleford and Haynesville both 4 counties away from completion.


What We Cover in Texas: Our Enhanced Lease Dataset

Our enhanced lease dataset and associated technologies allows us to capture incredibly detailed information from leases in many counties, helping our clients make better decisions faster by combining lease data with our other detailed datasets. We’re adding new counties with this level of detail (and associated images at no cost) as fast as we can. Check out this map to see where we have coverage and where coverage is coming soon.


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