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Press Release: Oseberg Asks Just How Dirty is Your Fracing Data?

OKLAHOMA CITY (July 20, 2017) – Oseberg announced Tuesday the release of oseFrac, Oseberg’s hydraulic fracturing data solution that transforms inconsistent frac data into a standardized and normalized database that elegantly tells the story of every frac.

“oseFrac is the industry’s much needed solution to FracFocus,” said Beau Babst, Oseberg’s Product Manager. “Operators inconsistently report the more than 4 million rows of ingredients available in FracFocus. That means that engineers attempting to optimize their completions are constantly frustrated by having to work with data that is messy and unsearchable.”

Specifically, there are three main problems with FracFocus:

  1. The data is incomplete and inconsistently labelled (for example, 36% of FracFocus disclosures available online are not fully downloadable).
  2. The data is obfuscated (trade secret loopholes allow companies to withhold key chemical data points).
  3. Finally, the data is impossible to search, aggregate or mine, making statistical analysis nearly impossible.

“With oseFrac, we provide over 15 million rows of normalized and standardized ingredients in a user interface that is clean, elegant and searchable,” said Evan Anderson, Oseberg’s CEO. “oseFrac makes it easy (and even fun) to analyze multiple frac jobs at the same time. By our estimates, we save our users 3-4 months of time by cleaning up FracFocus data and making it available to them via our oseFrac interface.”

Need to know who supplies a particular chemical? Oseberg provides key supplier data embedded in every frac view. Interested in comparing one job against another? oseFrac demonstrates how a frac job stacks up against others by the same operators. Want to export frac data for your own analysis? Oseberg’s frac data can be exported, mined, aggregated and statistically analyzed and will soon also be available in bulk via our DataStream API.

For more information on oseFrac or to request a demo, please call (405) 415-7754.


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