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**Our First Texas Weekly Report - 01/23/18

We are very excited to share with you our FIRST ever Texas weekly report! Activity in Texas is off to a hot start in 2018 as oil stays above $60/bbl. 


  • The majority of the completions have been taking place in the Eagleford and Permian Basins.
  • SM Energy has been actively completing wells in the Eagleford the past couple of weeks, particularly in Webb County.  They are continuing to file more intents to drill in Webb County, and we will want to watch to see how their activity develops in the coming months. 
  • XTO is the most active operator by completions in Texas and more importantly in the Midland and Permian Basin.
  • The majority of the intents to drill are being filed in the Permian Basin.
  • RSP Permian has been the most active in the past 30 days with the majority of their activity taking place in Martin and Midland counties.
  • EOG’s activity is split between the Delaware and Eagleford Basin.
  • Apache’s focus stays in the Permian Basin for the start of 2018; expect them to keep pace throughout the year, and we will want to watch for more of their activity in Reeves County.
  • XTO’s activity is spread out over the Permian Basin.
  • Transfer activity is highlighted by activity in Pecos and Ward County as well as the entire Permian Basin.
  • NBL Permian, a subsidiary of Noble Energy, made a large acquisition in Ward County. We will want to watch their activity in this area to see if they make any more acquisitions

*Please note: this is just the beginning; expect leasing data coming soon!


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