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Oklahoma Weekly O&G Report - 04/30/2018

Oseberg Weekly Report

Oklahoma Leasing Activity

  • Canyon Creek’s activity in the Arkoma makes them one of the top operators in the region with approximately 100,000 acres after news of their partnership with Pivotal Petroleum Partners.

  • Rimrock Operating is one we will be watching in the coming weeks; we anticipate continued activity in Garvin County.

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Oklahoma Spacing Applications 

  • Antioch’s spacing apps are focused in Hughes County, targeting the Woodford Formation. That’s no surprise since Antioch has been talking about the potential of the Arkoma STACK since early 2018. We will continue to watch them closely.

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Oklahoma Completion Filings

  • Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions (Alta Mesa) has been busy completing STACK wells. This is no surprise given their $3.8 valuation post merger with Silver Run Acquisition corp. Glad to see that capital go to work in Oklahoma!

  • The majority of all completion filings in the last 30 days are focused in Kingfisher County.

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Oklahoma Pooling Applications

  • Trinity Operating’s Apps and Orders are focused in Pittsburg and Hughes Counties. Their Oklahoma activity is centered in the Arkoma Basin.

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Oklahoma Drilling Intents Filed

  • Trinity’s recent drilling intents are focused in the Arkoma Basin.

  • EOG’s filings are related to activity in The Merge. From our records, they are one of the leaders in the Merge, which we recently talked about.

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Oklahoma Transfer Activity

  • Revolution Resources, a new PE Backed start-up made up of former Chaparral executives, made a good sized acquisition from Gastar Exploration.This is a smart group and we expect big things from them.

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Oklahoma Location Exceptions

  • Chesapeake Energy’s has been filing location exceptions in Kingfisher County targeting the Oswego Formation. According to their recent presentation, the Oswego is a low cost, high return oil formation. We will see how this develops in the near future.

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Oklahoma Increased Density Filings

  • Infield drilling activity is being focused in Kingfisher and Grady counties.

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