Oklahoma Weekly O&G Report - 4/9/18

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Oklahoma Leasing Activity

  • Continental continues to actively lease acreage in the SCOOP with a lot of activity in Stephens County in particular.
  • We expect them to remain highly active in this play given their recent shift towards a full field development strategy. We will continue to watch them closely as they develop their Springer and Woodford acreage.

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Oklahoma Spacing Applications

  • Echo Energy is actively spacing the Sycamore formation in Carter County. They have spaced their acreage for multi-unit well pads in the southern part of the SCOOP.  

  • We will keep a close eye on Echo’s future activity in the SCOOP and future well performance.

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Oklahoma Completion Filings

  • White Star has been actively completing wells in the Mississippian formation in northern Oklahoma, mainly in Logan and Payne counties.

  • Their horizontal wells have been testing well. Contact us at hello@oseberg.io to find out more about White Star’s completions and to stay up to date with the latest frac data through our product, oseFrac.

  • Often, oseFrac reports can be submitted to FracFocus before 1002a filings are submitted to the OCC. That means oseFrac can show completed wells before they appear at the OCC. Try oseFrac for 7 days here: frac.oseberg.io/search/login

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Oklahoma Pooling Applications

  • Citizen’s pooling applications reflect their strategic targeting of the Mississippian and the Woodford formations in Custer and Dewey Counties. Pending the outcome of these applications, we’ll be watching for future information regarding intents filed or completion documentation.

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Oklahoma Intents to Drill

  • Newfield’s two major filings were in Blaine and Grady County. In each, they filed intents for multi-well pads in the STACK and SCOOP.  
  • As we know Newfield is planning to grow production by 20-25% YOY, we’ll be watching to see how the performance of these wells contributes to their growth plans.

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Oklahoma Transfer Activity

  • Scout Energy continues to increase their presence in Oklahoma! Last year, we noted their large purchase in the OK panhandle, and recently, we have been talking about their acquisition of wells from Linn in the TX Panhandle.  

  • Since we have been watching their activity, they have made another large acquisition in Oklahoma, purchasing even more wells from Linn Energy, this time in the SCOOP.

  • Scout has been on an acquisition spree, look out for their upcoming notice of the remaining wells!

  • Contact us at hello@oseberg.io to learn more about the wells which Scout has been acquiring.

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Oklahoma Location Exception

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