differentiated and impactful data

Posted on December 5, 2016

time is money. knowledge is power. yada yada yada. these are truisms. they’re truisms because they are obviously true yet reveal nothing new or interesting. knowledge is power. sure. that was probably a novel idea during the enlightenment, but now? really? time is money. sure! also, no shit.

still, we believe the products we build deliver both of knowledge and time (and therefore power and money).

our mission is to think differently and approach age-old problems in new, innovative ways. we are builders — creating impactful data, products and services so that our users can do the unimaginable with. in short, we’re changing everything about how energy is brought to the world. and we’re doing that by exposing as much information of the highest quality (we’ll get to this later) as we can.

we hope that at first glance, you’ll see the data that oseberg delivers and be blown away. and not because you are in awe of the sheer amount of data (what we call the “firehose approach”).  rather, we expect you’ll be struck by how we manage to deliver what is relevant for your goals.

“differentiation” is a word you’ll hear a lot around our offices. literally, it means “the act of making something different.” for us, different is our dna. we seek to not only collect data from different sources, but to collect more data from those sources and to do more with that data to make it more usable. and, ultimately, differentiation requires perspective. it seems to anticipate the question different from what? to whom? that’s a set of questions we’re always researching and answering, making sure we’re not just pointing a firehose at our users, but rather collecting the key data points that, when put together, give users the ability to make a very smart decision.

ok, rewind.

when we talk about “many different sources” we aren’t talking about sally at the county clerk’s office handing us a couple of file folders, which we point to and scream “eureka!” no. just no. we are talking about virtual buckets full of data diamonds and sometimes a lot of rough.

take, for example, the texas railroad commission. in just that one agency, we have collected millions of data points across countless documents that may be relevant for an oseberg customer. however, we take the time to understand each filing, its historical permutations, and its identity and oddities so that we can sort through the garbage and deliver impactful and differentiated data to our users. it’s not about dumping a volume of information on you — it’s refining the signal from the noise.

you may have seen movies like “the imitation game” (great flick, btw) of the proto-computer scientists in england during wwii, who invented the calculations which broke the codes and empowered their troops with so much information that they seemed to have precognition. we see ourselves as the natural progression of that idea. knowledge was power. it still is, whether you’re trying to buy up land ahead of the next major play at a sixth the cost or trying to predict whether or not the housing market will plateau.

when we name a product like sól, it’s not just that we’re delivering the sun to shine a light on what your path should be. we’re plucking a star out of a crowded galaxy and handing it to you.

oseberg’s data differentiation means we purposefully and methodically go after data that other providers don’t collect and don’t present. why haven’t they? the way it has always been done is probably the answer. fine. that worked. it’ll still work. but handpicked, impactful, and differentiated data will give someone an edge. what side of history will you be on when all is said and done? with what we give, we’re expanding so that people can learn more and learn earlier than anyone else they are competing with.

it can be startling how the right information, known before others, can seem to make you psychic, leading the trend instead of succumbing to it.

note: the first of our company’s guiding principles is “we provide impactful and differentiated data that offers deep insight into oil and gas exploration and development. to make sure it’s impactful and differentiated, we measure the quality of our data, its attribute-richness, and its relevance.”

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