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Press Release: Oseberg Releases Leasing Data Sets in New Mexico

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 20, 2017) – Oseberg, the most innovative data intelligence company in the oil and gas industry, announced its expansion into New Mexico with the release of leasing data sets in Lea, Roosevelt, and Chaves counties.

We are just getting our feet wet in New Mexico,” said CEO and co-founder, Evan Anderson. “Every landman knows that the effort and cost required to do preliminary research on land records are astronomical. With the level of detail that Oseberg is able to extract from every lease, we dramatically increase efficiencies and lower costs for our users across the Permian Basin.”

In addition to standard type attributes such as legal description, acreage instrument, lessor/lessee & grantor/grantee information, Oseberg’s New Mexico dataset includes enhanced attributes such as Pugh Clauses, Extension Terms, Depth Clauses, Royalties, Pooling Clauses, Gross Proceeds, Favored Nations, Delay Rentals, Post Production and Cessation of Production data.

“The addition of these counties in New Mexico rounds out our Permian Basin dataset, providing our users a complete look at the hottest play in the country,” continued Mr. Anderson.

Using a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, domain expertise, and grit, Oseberg has built tools to extract detailed information from multitudes of regulatory and county filing documents, revealing an unprecedented number of structured data attributes to users. Additionally, Oseberg prides itself on offering the best in class in customer service and experience to its users.

Oseberg went to market with its first datasets and application for Oklahoma oil and gas in early 2011 and has experienced rapid sales growth since, expanding its presence in Texas and Oklahoma.

Access New Mexico leasing data within Oseberg’s flagship product, Atla.

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