Oseberg Unveils New Innovation Lab

Beau Babst

OKLAHOMA CITY (October 5, 2017) – Oseberg, a leading SaaS and data intelligence company in the oil and gas industry, announced today the creation of a new department dedicated to research, innovation, and product development called OseLabs.

The purpose of OseLabs is to rapidly prototype and validate data, application, and visualization concepts. Labs products are designed to be tested in the market quickly, without disrupting the commercial roadmap of the existing Oseberg offering.

“We created OseLabs to rapidly test our most creative and ambitious ideas,”  said Beau Babst, Director of OseLabs. “Labs takes high-impact hypotheses and validates them by building prototypes and bringing them to market. We’re learning everyday.”

Labs’ philosophy is that prototyping, the goal of which is to gauge feasibility and test usability of a product before fully commercializing it, is an essential part of the design process. Prototyping also improves collaboration and communication–ensuring the product meets a client’s expectations and needs. “We are thrilled to be applying design thinking to the oil and gas industry. We’re excited to test some of our crazier ideas!” Babst continued.

“OseLabs is a center for innovation at Oseberg,” said CEO Evan Anderson. “With Labs, we aim to keep alive the spirit of an entrepreneurial start up that brought us to where we are today while at the same time delivering real and innovative solutions to our customers.”


Oseberg is a leading SaaS and data intelligence company in the oil and gas industry that offers a compelling new approach to rapidly convert public regulatory and county level data into actionable intelligence. Oseberg provides easy-to-use SaaS data and software products that allow land professionals in the energy business to access valuable information buried in myriad regulatory filings quickly and efficiently. Oseberg went to market with its first data sets and application for Oklahoma oil and gas in early 2011 and has experienced triple-digit sales growth since, expanding its presence in Texas and Oklahoma.


Elizabeth Farabee
Marketing Manager

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