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Oseberg Supercharges its Product Suite with WhiteStar Land Grid™


OKLAHOMA CITY (September 13, 2017) – Oseberg, a leading SaaS and data intelligence company in the oil and gas industry, announced today the introduction of WhiteStar Grid™ data throughout its offerings.

“Cartographic accuracy and precision is one of those ‘devils in the details’ that really matters in this industry.  Not everyone makes the investment required to greatly improve the quality and standardization of their spatial data…but they should, ” said Director of Product Rich Herrmann. “This is a substantial improvement for our customers. It’s not just a visual reference aid; we have used WhiteStar Grid™ to refine and pinpoint the location of our lease tract polygons.”

Cris Byers, Oseberg’s Data & Web Services Product Manager, added: “Using the WhiteStar Grid™ as our standard reference for Oseberg’s unique maps of state regulatory filing and county lease data also increases our overall compatibility with leading geospatial industry data from other vendors and with our customers’ own content.”

WhiteStar Grid™is the industry’s standard source of digital land grid data in North America that has been precision hand-digitized and corrected from 1:24,000-scale USGS topographic maps and other best-of-breed data sources over a period of 20 years. WhiteStar Grid™contains the foundational land grid data layers for accurate mapping of all land and lease positions, oil and gas wells, pipelines, and powerlines.

Robert White, CEO of Whitestar Corp., agreed: “We are excited to have Oseberg join the family of leading organizations who appreciate both the critical importance of cartographic accuracy and the ability to easily integrate their content with others for the benefit of their customers.  We look forward to continue to partner with Oseberg as they expand geographically throughout the US.”

For any further information or questions on the WhiteStar Grid™, users are invited to contact their personal Customer Success Manager (CSM) at csm.team@oseberg.io.


Oseberg is a leading SaaS and data intelligence company in the oil and gas industry that offers a compelling new approach to rapidly convert public regulatory and county level data into actionable intelligence. Oseberg provides easy-to-use SaaS data and software products that allow land professionals in the energy business to access valuable information buried in myriad regulatory filings quickly and efficiently. Oseberg went to market with its first data sets and application for Oklahoma oil and gas in early 2011 and has experienced triple-digit sales growth since, expanding its presence in Texas and Oklahoma.


WhiteStar is a 28 year old company specializing in land mapping including the compilation of land survey data.  We provide access to curated GIS data libraries using a variety of technologies including property description computations, cloud self-service, and web service streaming to get customer land assets on a map.


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