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How Often Does Spacing Lead to a Permit



At oseberg, we like to analyze our data for fun to see what kind of trends we can identify. This week, we asked ourselves how often a spacing leads to a permit, an indicator which is typically a telltale sign of activity in an area – damn useful to monitor if you are trying to stay ahead of the competition or plan services around upcoming activity. Here’s what we found:

Looking at the top 15 operators in Oklahoma over 5 years, we found that a spacing leads to a permit 82% of the time! 

That’s just another reason, among many, that we continue to build one of the richest spacing datasets in the industry. Where our competitors content themselves with providing just a legal description for spacing documents, oseberg’s spacing data takes it to the next level, including attributes related to formation, unit size and well configuration. This allows our user to predict activity with more certainty and far ahead of their competition.

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